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T.R. Morris, ND

T.R. Morris, ND

IFM Certified Practitioner IFM Certified Practitioner

T.R. Morris, ND, is a Bastyr University-trained naturopathic doctor currently practicing in Seattle, Washington. The focus of his clinical work has been in physical medicine and dietary, lifestyle, and nutraceutical approaches to preventing and reversing chronic health conditions. Dr. Morris has also taught basic sciences (microbiology, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, and nutrition) for many years at medical and premedical programs in the Seattle area.

In addition to clinical practice and teaching, Dr. Morris has guided the development of two innovative laboratories. First, he served as laboratory supervisor and medical science liaison at Iverson Genetic Diagnostics—a Seattle-based laboratory that uses various microarray platforms to assess genetic disease susceptibility, toxicogenomics, and pharmacogenomics. Dr. Morris has considerable experience in determining the clinical utility of identifying various nutrigenomic, thrombophilic, and detoxigenomic single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Dr. Morris also served as medical science liaison at the laboratory within Molecular Epidemiology Inc. (MEI). At MEI, he helped develop and evaluate the clinical utility of various esoteric biomarkers of toxic exposure and DNA fingerprinting of viral and bacterial diseases.

From 2009-2011, Dr. Morris served as the senior research fellow in environmental medicine for the Optimal Health & Prevention Research Foundation (OHPRF) in San Diego, CA. At OHPRF, he surveyed the growing body of evidence linking chemical exposures from food and the environment to chronic diseases and wrote evidence-based policy recommendations for diet and lifestyle measures to avoid harmful exposures and support the body’s biotransformation and elimination pathways. He is also currently engaged in the development of key aspects of The Institute for Functional Medicine’s Certification Program (IFMCP). “T.R.,” as he prefers to be known, did his undergraduate work in ecology and environmental policy, and he thoroughly enjoys growing his own vegetables, hiking, backcountry skiing, and biking all around NW Washington. He has been playing competitive ultimate frisbee for 24 years.