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Intern - Curriculum Content Research Assistant

About This Opportunity

The Curriculum Content Research Assistant is a paid internship that will investigate research and evaluate issues pertaining to various aspects of the medical education curriculum. This role requires a specialized depth of expertise and knowledge in Functional Medicine, skills organization, planning, communication, and collaboration skills, and experience working without supervision in a complex multi-state environment. Under the direction of the Director of Medical Education, this role is responsible for:

  • Curriculum Development
    • Supports the planning, producing, reviewing and revising of Functional Medicine curriculum projects and other Continuing Medical Education (CME) events, new and on-going, as assigned by the Director of Medical Education;
    • Collaborates with Medical Education team and program speakers to ensure that educational content is of high professional quality and incorporates elements of adult learning and instructional design into presentations, with an emphasis on outcome measures regarding the learning objectives;
  • Projects
    • Helps monitor IFM’s Medical Education projects from initiation through completion; assists with planning and budgeting as directed by supervisor
    • Assists in the development of assignments, timetables, and responsibilities for team members within and outside the Medical Education department for the duration of each project, and collaborates with team members to ensure that materials and resources are delivered on time;
    • Assists in project planning, resourcing, progress reporting, troubleshooting, and collaboration within and outside the Medical Education department.



  • Must have expertise with MS Office Suite (Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint); willingness and ability to adapt to new technologies and software;
  • Must be able to enact skillful dialogue, discussion, and inquiry, and be able to communicate large amounts of information into concise, actionable language over the phone, in person, and via electronic media – and across multiple geographical locations;
  • Must be able to clearly communicate concepts, directives, and requests to directors, peers, colleagues, and external parties;
  • Must be able to collaborate for direction on processes, goals, schedules, and outcomes, and work independently to contribute to achieving project goals;
  • Must be able to make decisions guided by resource availability and functional objectives;
  • Must be able to receive guidance and oversight from the Executive Director of Medical Education;

Education, Licenses, Certificates

  • A third or fourth year student in a health/life science program at an accredited institution.
  • Masters in health/life sciences, or in nutrition-related field preferred.

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