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IT Technician

Position Summary

The IT Technician within IFM acts as an informal resource for colleagues for general technology support.  This role requires high knowledge of information technology, skills in organization, prioritization and communication, and experience identifying key issues and patterns to see the wider implications beyond the immediate problem.  Under the direction of the IT Manager, this role is responsible for:

  • IT/Helpdesk Support
  • Software/Hardware/Network Support

Essential Functions

IT/Helpdesk Support

  • The IT Technician will be the primary resource for IFM’s helpdesk platform for Tier 1 and 2 issues.
  • Creates new accounts and profiles, conducts a wide range of tests and analyses to ensure that hardware/software meets or exceeds specified standards, coordinates with users to ensure new hardware/software is integrated successfully, documenting all problem resolutions;
  • Maintains records, prepares, schedules, and implements tech support and setup procedures for on-site conferences, ensures all on-site event and conferencing hardware/software are up-to-date, functioning, and user ready;
  • Provides ongoing operational/technical support for IFM’s information systems, software, phones, applications, and hardware;
  • Answers questions regarding any general IT system procedures, hardware, software, online transactions, systems status and downtime procedures;
  • Develops, catalogs, and maintains documentation of IT systems and applications develops job aids and support documents for users, coordinates and conducts instruction or training as necessary.

Software/Hardware/Network Support

  • Configures, installs, maintains, and upgrades computer systems hardware (including mobile and telephone), software, applications, licenses, firmware, etc. ;
  • Identifies security risks, investigates and resolves security incidents, determines the causes of security violations, and recommends enhancements to improve security.
  • Assists with managing the IT infrastructure within IFM, including the physical assets, virtual assets, and network infrastructure.
  • Installs, manages, maintains, tests, and analyzes network facilities, control software, routers, switches, lines, modems, adapters, servers, LAN/WAN, etc.;
  • Identifies, diagnoses, and resolves technical problems related to network failure/integrity and usages of hardware.

Skills Required

  • Experience with MS Office Suite, Office 365, MS Exchange, Windows OS, Mac OS, mobile platforms and devices, virtual servers, and cloud services management (AWS);
  • Must have the willingness and ability to adapt to and learn new technologies, hardware, and software;
  • Must have excellent communication skills and be able to communicate large amounts of information into concise, actionable language over the phone, in person, and via electronic media – and across multiple geographical locations;
  • Must be able to work independently, collaborate on processes, goals, schedules, and outcomes, and act as a lead, coordinating with others but not as a supervisor;
  • Must be able to compose materials such as reports, guides, instructional aids, work-related manuals, and/or instruct others virtually, via the phone, and in person.
  • Must be able to receive guidance and oversight from IT Manager.

Education, Licenses, Certificates

  • AA or Bachelor’s degree in computer related field or equivalent work related experience required;
  • Network+ and A+ certificates preferred.

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