Medical Education Program Coordinator

Position Summary

The Medical Education Program Coordinator is expected to be a support resource within and outside of the Medical Education department for the administration, coordination, and implementation of Medical Education programs and projects. In this role, the Medical Education Program Coordinator will build a working knowledge of IFM and its processes, partners, and collaborations and work collaboratively to resolve a range of straightforward problems utilizing standard procedures. This role requires broad administrative support knowledge, skills in organization, communication, and relationship building, and experience with reasoning and decision-making within a structured, process-oriented context. Under the direction of the Manager of Medical Education Programs, this role is responsible for:

  • Project Management Support
  • Administrative Support
  • Communications

Essential Functions

Project Management Support:

  • Works closely with the Directors, Associate Directors, and Clinical Coordinators in the Medical Education department to support IFM’s Medical Education programs and projects from initiation through completion; monitors project performance and recommends schedule changes, process adjustments, or resource additions.
  • Collaborates across multiple departments to recommend assignments, timetables, and responsibilities for self and team members for the duration of each project, and to ensure that materials and resources are delivered on time.
  • Collaborates with the Directors, Associate Directors, and Clinical Coordinators of Medical Education on project planning, resourcing, progress reporting, troubleshooting, and collaboration within and outside of the Medical Education department.

Administrative Support:

  • Maintains files, records, calendars, assets, and notes; schedules meetings, attends meetings, creates agendas, records and distributes notes.
  • Creates and manages timelines and assignments for various Medical Education, collaborating partner, webinar, and other course materials.
  • Acts as a liaison for negotiating and implementing educator contracts.
  • Provides support to the Medical Education team for various documents, educational materials, slides, handouts, reports, brochures, and asset documentation control.


  • Acts as a communication liaison for the Medical Education department with IFM faculty, consultants, speakers, collaborating partners, and other external parties, and implements procedures and processes to increase awareness and knowledge of activities affecting said parties.
  • Collaborates within and outside of the Medical Education department to deliver clear written material, media content, solicitations, and invitations to external parties while adhering to established terminology, style, and editorial quality standards and procedures.
  • Provides timely delivery of information to external parties, including printed, non-printed, and electronic materials.
  • Classifies, documents, and catalogues various types of reports, media, and information; follows current and may develop and manage record retention policies, practices, and procedures.

Other Functions:

  • Acts as a liaison for the Medical Education Department with a professional degree of discernment while onsite, over the phone, and via electronic media.
  • Performs routine clerical duties, such as filing, tabulating, compiling and/or posting records, creating spreadsheets, and photocopying.
  • Adjusts to changing priorities and responsibilities as project demands and program demands grow and develop.

Skills Required:

  • Enact skillful dialogue, discussion, and inquiry, and be able to communicate large amounts of information into concise, actionable language over the phone, in person, and via electronic media—and across multiple geographical locations.
  • Work independently, collaborate on planning, processes, goals, schedules, and outcomes.
  • Able to be self-directed with work activities, assess current status, anticipate obstacles and challenges, and recommend changes and improvements.
  • Coordinate roles, plans, and activities with others in person, virtually, via the phone, and across multiple states.
  • Must be able to compute, record, balance, check results for accuracy, analyze, and interpret numerical data for reporting purposes.
  • Make decisions guided by policies, procedures, and business plans, and inquire for clarification as appropriate.

Education and/or Experience:

  • Associate’s degree required; bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Degree/certification as a project manager or administrative professional preferred.

Digital Fluency/Adaptation:

  • Must have expertise with MS Office Suite (Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint).
  • Willingness and ability to adapt to new technologies and software.

Physical Requirements:

  • Light moving, transporting, and positioning of items weighing less than 10 pounds.
  • Sitting, standing, bending, reaching, pushing/pulling, kneeling, twisting, grasping, and walking for general office duties and travel as required.

Work Environment:   

  • General indoor office environment.
  • Regularly exposed to computer monitors and shared workspaces. The noise level in the work environment is typically at a white-noise level.


  • 0-5% – there is the potential for travel to an IFM conference at least once per year.

To Apply

Please submit your resume and cover letter to


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