Group Membership

Apply for Group Membership

Members of the same organization, academic institution, or practice may purchase individual one-year memberships at a discounted rate. See the chart below for our group membership rates.

Number of Members in Group Percent Discount Final Membership Price (With Discount)
5+ members 10% discount $337.50 per member per year
10+ members 20% discount $300.00 per member per year
15+ members 30% discount $262.50 per member per year


  • Memberships must be purchased at one time with a single payment.
  • Individuals must be from the same organization, academic institution, or practice.
  • Each membership purchase under this policy will be treated as an individual membership and benefits may not be shared with non-members.
  • No other discounts will apply.

You may renew your membership at any time. Renewals will extend for one full year from the previous membership expiration date. Membership purchases are non-refundable. Click here to view IFM’s Member Terms and Conditions. Purchase of membership signifies your agreement to these terms.

How to Purchase

Please fill out the form below to receive instructions to coordinate the membership rate with your group. You will receive two emails: the first email will outline instructions for payment, the second email is for you to forward to all members of the group.

Questions? Contact:

Tel: 1.800.228.0622
Main Office: 253.661.3010