Will an IFM educator or staff member answer my question?

The Member’s Forum is moderated on an ongoing basis by the IFM Medical Education Team, so you may receive a response from a staff member. Occasionally, IFM educators will drop by the forum to post or interact with other comments.

Are forum posts confidential?

Anyone who is a member of the forum or private FB group will be able to see your posts. If you are posting about a patient case, you must maintain HIPAA compliance by removing all personally identifying health information.

Why can't I find the forum when I log in?

You must be enrolled in our Membership Program to access the forum. If you cannot find the forum after you log in to your online account, your membership may have expired. Renew your membership to regain access.

Who has access to the forum?

Anyone who is a member of IFM has access to the forum.