What kind of case should I use for my Case Report?

While there are no formal constraints on case selection, the case must demonstrate your knowledge of and ability to apply the Functional Medicine model. As such, the case you choose should be a patient:

  1. Who has/had chronic complaints;
  2. With whom you are very familiar (a family member or friend may be used, but candidates cannot use themselves);
  3. On whom you have gathered sufficient initial information; or
  4. For whom you have collected sufficient information on follow-up visits to present a full case.

The case you select does not have to show full resolution of the patient’s problem(s); however, it should demonstrate your knowledge of and ability to apply Functional Medicine to the benefit of your patient.

When you are ready to begin to work on your Case Report, many resources are available to assist you, including the Candidate Handbook and your interactions with educators, staff, and your colleagues on the IFM Certification Program forum.

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