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2019 Annual International Conference Proceedings


Stress, Pain, and Addiction: Transformative Treatments and Innovative Solutions

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Stress, pain, and addiction form an intersecting triad of problems plaguing all modern industrial societies. Each of these can be a cause and an effect, a trigger and a mediator. All three are fundamental underlying causes of morbidity and mortality, and can be linked together in various ways. At IFM’s 2019 Annual International Conference (AIC), Stress, Pain, and Addiction: Transformative Treatments and Innovative Solutions, researchers and clinicians dove into the myriad of ways in which these issues, individually and collectively, impact health. IFM connects the research on how we can help our patients overcome the chronic diseases that result.

Chronic stress can both exacerbate chronic pain conditions and trigger various states of physical or emotional pain. There is also solid evidence for a strong link between early-life and later-life chronic stress and increased risk of various addictions. The link between chronic pain and drug addiction is well known. This conference presented on the cutting-edge science regarding the interactions among this triad and demonstrated how the Functional Medicine approach can help with these drivers of modern, chronic disease.

Key Takeaways

  • Examining the cost of pain syndromes, stress, and addictions in terms of individual, family, and societal tolls, and why a functional medicine approach is uniquely positioned to help surmount this current health crisis.
  • Identifying the interdependency of stress, pain, and addiction as promoters of one another, and disentangling these factors that can drive the downward spiraling of physical and mental health.
  • Translating knowledge of Adverse Childhood Experiences, trauma, abuse, depression, and other etiological factors into actionable strategies for treating both adults and children suffering with pain and addiction.
  • Deepened understanding of root causes and perpetuating factors in stress, chronic pain, and addiction unique to those having served in the military, and functional tools for practitioners to create positive, lasting change in these populations.
  • Knowledge of the mechanisms that drive the evolution of pain syndromes, including genomics, sensitization, neurology, and mental/behavioral factors, enabling practitioners to change the trajectory of chronic pain development.
  • The roles PTSD and TBIs can play in the development of dementia, maladaptive psychological, physical, and emotional health outcomes, and how a functional medicine approach can address these conditions.




IFM’s 2019 Annual International Conference featured plenary and concurrent sessions. Plenary sessions are available as video-synced recordings. Concurrent sessions are available as slide-synced recordings. Please note that the 2019 Annual International Conference Proceedings Packages do not offer CME.

Important: In accordance with Dr. Sapolsky’s contract with IFM, we are unable to include his talk in the conference recordings.

Plenary Sessions


Speaker Title Approx. Length
IFM Staff Conference Introduction 15 Minutes
David Haase, MD Navigating the Intersections of Stress, Pain, and Addiction – Seeing Hope through the Functional Medicine Lens 60 Minutes
Stephen Loyd, MD Addiction: A Personal and Professional Journey (Addiction is not a Moral Failure) 45 Minutes
John Kelly, PhD Addiction, Treatment, and Behavior Change (Facilitating Recovery from Substance Use Disorder: From Theory to Science and Practice) 45 Minutes
Jeffrey Mogil, PhD Pain in Mice and Man: Ironic Adventures in Translation 60 Minutes
Heather Tick, MD Rethinking Chronic Pain 45 Minutes
Liz Mumper, MD Stress, Addictions, and the Young Mind 45 Minutes
Eric Garland, PhD, LCSW The Art and Science of Well-Being: Healing the Pathophysiology of Stress, Pain, and Addiction with Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement 45 Minutes
Wayne Jonas, MD How Healing Works: What it means for your education, your practice, your patients and the future of healthcare 45 Minutes
Cecilia Hillard, PhD Therapeutic Potential of Cannabinoids in Stress and Pain Management 45 Minutes
Roland Griffiths, PhD Therapeutic Potential of Psilocybin in Anxiety, Depression and Addiction Disorders 45 Minutes
IFM Staff Functional Medicine and the Future 30 Minutes
Dave Rakel, MD Transforming Health Care 90 Minutes

Concurrent Sessions

Please note that two concurrent sessions were not recorded. All content included in the concurrent proceedings package is listed below.

Speaker Title Approx. Length
Nancy Cotter, MD, CNS Update on Nutrition and Supplementation for Pain Management 90 Minutes
Wayne Jonas, MD Doing an Integrative Health Visit with the PHI and the HOPE Note 90 Minutes
Dustin Sulak, DO Pain, Stress, and Cannabinoids 90 Minutes
Arwen Podesta, MD Addiction Medicine and Integrative Psychiatry 90 Minutes
Bryan Stepanenko, MD, MPH; Mylene Tran Huynh, MD, MPH Functional Medicine Approaches to Chronic Pain in the Military Health System 90 Minutes
Joy Weydert, MD A Multi Modal Approach to Managing Stress, Addictions and Chronic Pain Syndromes in Children 90 Minutes
David Musnick, MD Functional Medicine Approach to Chronic Pain: Sensitization, Genomics and Narcotics 90 Minutes
Amy Pershing, LMSW, ACSW Eating Disorders: A Strengths-Based Approach to Recovery 90 Minutes
Lonnie Zeltzer, MD Pediatric Pain in the Age of the Opioid Epidemic: Why Functional Medicine Matters 90 Minutes
Dave Hagedorn, PhD, BCN Electrophysiologic Assessment and Neuro-Stimulatory Approaches to the Treatment of Pain 90 Minutes
Heather Tick, MD Common Myofascial Pain Injuries: Assessment and Treatment 90 Minutes
Mylene Tran Huynh, MD, MPH Panel Discussion—Pain in the Military: Patient and Practitioner Perspectives 90 Minutes
Michael Lewis, MD Evaluating and Treating Traumatic Brain Injury 90 Minutes
Robert Hedaya, MD PTSD: New Directions 90 Minutes
Bradley Fullerton, MD, FAAPMR Prolotherapy and the Clinical Application of Biotensegrity 90 Minutes
Robert Luby, MD Working with Patients in Pain: An Interactive Case based, Functional Approach 90 Minutes
Paul Thomas, MD, FAAP The Addiction Spectrum 90 Minutes
Henri Roca, MD Creating Change With Patients in Pain 90 Minutes
Judy Crane, LMHC The Nuts and Bolts of Trauma: The Missing Link in Managing Addiction and Pain 90 Minutes
Georgia Tetlow, MD Honor Self: The Key to Provider Stress Reduction and a Thriving Practice 90 Minutes
Dave Rakel, MD Science of Perception 90 Minutes
Kara Parker, MD, Bryan Stepanako, MD, MPH, Sandra Darling, MD Implementing a Shared Medical Appointment for Pain in Your Practice 90 Minutes
Lonnie Zeltzer, MD, Paul Thomas, MD, FAAP, Joy Weydert, MD Panel Discussion: Children, Drugs, Stress, and Addictions 90 Minutes
Chanin Kelly-Rae, Sharad Kohli, MD, and Maggie Mills, MS, CN Panel Discussion: Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: Evolving our Understanding of the Social Determinants of Health 90 Minutes

Additional Information

Audio & Video Package

PRICE: $595.00

What You Get

  • Video-synced recordings* of 15 plenary sessions
  • Slide-synced recordings** of 22 concurrent sessions
  • Audio recordings*** of all plenary and concurrent sessions
  • Presentation slides in PDF format

*Video-synced recordings show the presentation slide and the speaker simultaneously so you can see all the elements at once on your screen, almost as if you were attending the live presentation.
**Slide-synced recordings show presentation slides synced to the audio recording of the lecture.
***Audio recordings are not synced with presentation slides. They are ideal for listening on the go or during your morning commute.

Given the nature of downloadable digital items, refunds, or credits on any of these purchases are not allowed. 

Audio Package

PRICE: $198.00

What You Get

  • Audio recordings*** of 15 plenary sessions and 24 concurrent sessions
  • Presentation slides in PDF format

***Audio recordings are not synced with presentation slides. They are ideal for listening on the go or during your morning commute.

Given the nature of downloadable digital items, refunds, or credits on any of these purchases are not allowed.

Delivery & Expiration

  • Recordings are delivered electronically to your online account directly upon purchase.
  • Recordings are available to both stream and download for one full year from your date of purchase.

CME Reminder: Purchase of conference proceedings, without attending the in-person conference, does not earn CME credits. These Proceedings are not eligible for CME.