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2021 Annual International Conference Proceedings

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  • View the list of Plenary and Concurrent Sessions below to see which are included in the conference proceedings.
  • Note: If you attended AIC 2021, the conference proceedings were automatically added to your post course materials, This product is only for people who were not able to attend.
  • These proceedings will be made available to access June 21, 2021.
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*Please note that both Valter Longo and Karen Watson’s presentations will not be included in the proceedings. All content included in the AIC 2021 proceedings package is listed below.

Plenary Sessions
Speaker Title
Amy Mack,CEO Welcome
Gail Christopher, DN Our Opportunity for Creating a More Fair and Just World: Racial Healing, Equity, and Transformation
Shanta Zimmer, MD Uncovering Implicit Bias and Microaggressions
David Williams, PhD COVID-19: A Tutorial on Racism
Gail Christopher, DN
Shanta Zimmer, MD
David Williams, PhD
Social Determinants of Health, Health Inequities, and Public Policy: Facilitated Discussion
Stephen W. Porges, PhD Synchronous Plenary:Vagal Pathways: Portals to Compassion
Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD Synchronous Plenary: Exposome-Metabolome Interactions in Chronic Childhood and Adult Disorders
Closing Comments
James Carter, MD Wound Healing and a Functional Approach
Mylene Huynh, MD Chronic Pain and a Functional Approach
Steve Horvath, PhD Epigenetic Clocks for Clinical and Preclinical Applications
David Jones, MD Linus Pauling Award
Steve Horvath, PhD
David Jones, MD
Valter Longo, PhD
Q&A - Audio only
Mark Hyman, MD
Joe Pizzorno, ND
Conversation With Linus Pauling Award Winner
Amy R. Mack, MPA/MSES
Joe Pizzorno, ND
Susan and Jeff Bland, PhD
David Jones, MD
IFM 30thYear Celebration-Non-CME: Featuring Conversations with IFM's Founders and Other Functional Medicine Pioneers
Joe Pizzorno, ND Synchronous Plenary: Unimportant Molecules and Unintended Consequences
Lee Hood, MD, PhD What 21st Century Medicine Should Be:A Journey to Scientific Wellness, Healthy Aging,and Disease Reversal
Leo Galland, MD 30 Years of Functional Medicine: Looking Back and Looking Ahead
Richard J. Davidson, PhD The Plasticity of Well-Being: A Framework for Cultivation of Human Flourishing
IFM Close
Practice Implementation Series
  • Increasing Patient Activation and Engagement with Virtual Group Visits by Ortho Molecular Products (30 min)
  • Innovations in Care Models Using Health Coaching and Remote Wellness Technology for Better Patient Outcomes by Heads Up Health and Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (30 min)
  • Leveraging Technology to Improve Treatment Adherence in Functional Medicine by Fullscript (30 min)
  • Revolutionizing Nutritional Assessment in the Functional Medicine Practice by Emerson (30 min)
  • Functional Medicine Case Studies at your Fingertips by Clinical Education (30 min)
  • Concurrent Sessions
    Speaker Title
    Liz Mumper, MD Helping Children Navigate Anxiety and Depression During the Pandemic
    Shanta Zimmer, MD Assessing Our Implicit Biases and How They Manifest
    Clancy Harrison, MS, RDN Addressing Food Access and Insecurity
    Jed Fahey, PhD Phytochemicals That Enhance Healthspan: The Therapeutic Uses of Isothiocyanates Found in Crucifers and Moringa oleifera
    Sunjya Schweig, MD Protecting Our Protectors: Enhancing Immune Resilience and Mitigating Occupational Risks for First Responders
    Omowunmi Osinubi, MD
    Geoff Dardia
    Improving Immune Resilience in Veterans
    Jeffrey Mandume Kerina, MD Optimizing Surgical Outcomes
    Robert Hedaya, MD Advances in Mental Health: Functional Medicine and HYLANETechnology
    Sara Gottfried, MD
    Robert Schwartz, MD
    Dennis Holmes, MD
    Leah Morton
    Concurrent Session 9: Call for Presentations, Non-CME

  • A Functional Medicine Approach to Earlier Identification and Reversal of Prediabetes with Multiomic Phenotyping
  • Dysautonomia Is More Common Than You Think
  • Percutaneous Cryoablation in the Management of Breast Cancer
  • Healing Gut, Soil, Planet..... STAT!
  • Leo Galland, MD
    Sue Haddow, MD
    Imran Khan, MD
    Marwa Hazzah, MD
    COVID-19 Long Haulers: Resilience and Recovery
    Chris D'Adamo, PhD
    Michelle Beidelschies, PhD
    Functional MedicineResearch: Setting Standards and Getting Published
    Georgia Tetlow, MD
    Riva Robinson, MD
    Proactive Strategies to Make it to 2022
    Tom Blue and Sonda Kunzi How 2020 Changes in Insurance Reimbursement has Big Implications for Functional Medicine Practices
    Steven Berkowitz, MD Impact of Early Life Stress Across the Lifespan
    Kalea Wattles, ND
    Kirsten Ramsdell, MS
    How to Alleviate the Cost of Functional Medicine: What to Offer Patients that Costs Little to Nothing
    Dale Bredesen, MD
    Kat Toups, MD
    Deborah Gordon, MD
    Ann Hathaway, MD
    Precision Medicine for Cognitive Decline: Successful Proof-of-Concept Trial
    Michelle Beidelschies, PhD
    Sunjya Schweig, MD
    RobertAbbott, MD
    Research in the Functional Medicine Ecosystem
    Carolyn Matthews, MD How to Talk to Patients About Serious Illness
    Extra content included:
    • Precision Medicine for Cognitive Decline: Successful Proof-of-Concept Trial Live Q&A Session
      with Dale Bredesen, MD, Deborah Gordon, MD, Ann Hathaway, MD, Kat Toups, MD

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    Audio & Video Package

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    • Video-synced recordings* of 21 concurrent sessions
    • Audio recordings** of all plenary and concurrent sessions
    • Presentation slides in PDF format

    *Video-synced recordings show the presentation slide and the speaker simultaneously so you can see all the elements at once on your screen, almost as if you were attending the live presentation.
    **Audio recordings are not synced with presentation slides. They are ideal for listening on the go or during your morning commute.

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    Audio Package

    PRICE: $198.00

    What You Get

    • Audio recordings* of all plenary and concurrent sessions
    • Presentation slides in PDF format

    *Audio recordings are not synced with presentation slides. They are ideal for listening on the go or during your morning commute.

    Delivery & Expiration

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    • Recordings are available to both stream and download for one full year from your date of purchase.

    CME Reminder: Purchase of conference proceedings, without attending the in-person conference, does not earn CME credits. These Proceedings are not eligible for CME.