COVID-19, Clinical Practice, and the New Normal

There are a tremendous amount of positive interventions that a Functional Medicine clinician can implement in this critical time during the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe these interventions can help improve immune resilience and potentially decrease the severity of disease.

– Joel Evans, MD

The lasting effects of COVID-19 are undeniable and continue to ripple in everyday life, most notably in clinical settings. As the timeline of the pandemic expands and ushers in a seemingly new “normal,” clinicians face the challenge of developing a different approach to care for patients with increasingly complex needs. Functional Medicine can help by bolstering natural immune function, which may improve outcomes.

Functional Medicine provides the detailed framework to assist clinicians in managing physiological dysfunction and minimizing factors that increase the risk of mortality from COVID-19 infection, namely chronic illness and underlying inflammation and oxidative stress. This framework focuses on strengthening the body’s natural defenses, boosting immunity, and identifying areas of imbalance, effectively mitigating the course of disease when infection is present and reducing further exposure. Personalized nutrition and lifestyle interventions help patients improve dietary intake, decrease stress, improve sleep, and address social isolation—all critically important factors that affect immune function and overall well-being.

Hear from clinicians who are caring for COVID-19 patients and leading the charge for new research into interventions that can help. In this exclusive AIC panel discussion, the panelists will share their strategies for leveraging lifestyle interventions to care for these complex, vulnerable patients. They will also share their inspiring personal stories about how reconnecting to a purpose can benefit us all during this difficult time.

Join the following panelists for expert insights on advancing clinical care in the era of COVID-19:

Georgia Tetlow, MD
Mylène Huynh, MD
Patrick Hanaway, MD
Joel Evans, MD

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