Dr. Lukaczer’s Toolkit Item of the Month: COVID-19: Nutrients and Botanical Considerations

Dan Lukaczer, ND
As you may know, IFM has developed a robust collection of Functional Medicine resources for both the clinician and the patient. These include a deep dive into resilience and lifestyle guidance, recommendations around new practice models and telemedicine, understanding testing, and nutraceutical and botanical recommendations. These resources include papers and webinars that you can download and review. All this information is available on the homepage of our website. Clearly, much of the resilience, diet and lifestyle suggestions feed into many of the toolkit items that we have on those topics, and that we hope you are actively using with your patients. Patients of course are asking for specific recommendations on nutraceuticals and botanical supplementation. As mentioned, we have done quite a bit of research evaluating these individually in the aforementioned documents. A specific toolkit item that you also might want to peruse and use with your patients is COVID-19: Nutraceutical and Botanical Recommendations for Patients. This handout lists specific agents in a simple format that you can then use to select specific agents for the individual patient.

To access the IFM Clinical Practice Toolkit, log in to your account, select My Education from the left-hand side, then click on the IFM Toolkit tile.