Free Grand Rounds Presentation on IBD with Joshua Korzenik, MD

Free Grand Rounds on IBD

As a multi-factorial condition,1 IBD requires a multi-pronged approach for the best patient outcomes.2 Overall, therapeutic outcomes remain far from optimal, in part because current medications only block individual components of a complex disease process.3 Incorporating nutrition, stress management, and microbiome support can be beneficial.2 IBD offers a lens through which to consider chronic illness and potential improvements to treatment and management of chronic conditions.

In a free Grand Rounds lecture in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, leading IBD researcher Joshua R. Korzenik, MD, Director of Crohn’s and Colitis Center, summarizes the history of investigations for chronic disease and where paradigms have been helpful or misleading. In particular, he  explains new ideas about the pathophysiology of Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, and how they can inform new models of care.

Watch Dr. Korzenik’s Grand Rounds Presentation on ibd


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