Hot Flashes and Other Common, Hard-to-Treat Conditions

Fatigue. Gastrointestinal distress. Insomnia. Joint pain. Patients present with these symptoms all the time, and these symptoms can indicate serious underlying problems. Prescriptions may help with symptoms but rarely address the root cause.

In this video, AFMCP Educator Joel Evans, MD, describes his Functional Medicine to another common symptom that is difficult to treat without addressing the underlying cause: hot flashes.

Joel Evans, MD, discusses treating hot flashes.

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) offers you an evidence-based methodology to analyze the root causes of many common symptoms and intervene appropriately to resolve the problem. Instead of seeing these patients over and over in your office, you can find the right treatment for each patient’s underlying issue. The Functional Medicine toolkit contains practice and patient education tools that can help you apply these approaches rapidly and with confidence.

Join us for more clinical pearls about assessing and treating hormonal, gastrointestinal, and cardiometabolic conditions, and many more conditions. If you want to expand your approach to common symptom sets in a case-based, collaborative format, AFMCP offers the tools you need.

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