New AFMCP Offering Follows Years of Research and Practitioner Feedback

Thanks to our newest offering, Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) Online, IFM now provides practitioners the option to complete the entire IFM Certification Program from the comfort of their own computer. IFM’s decision to offer AFMCP Online was based on careful data gathering, beta testing, trend watching, and years of feedback from clinicians.

Ever since IFM first offered an Advanced Practice Module via live stream in 2015, we have seen a sharp increase in demand for online education. Practitioners report that they seek out this format for the savings in time, travel, and money, as well as the opportunity to continue treating patients with minimal disruption. Some practitioners have also noted how much they enjoy discussing the lectures synchronously with other learners.

Watch a walk-through of IFM's new AFMCP Online course.

As IFM’s biggest and boldest venture yet, AFMCP Online is a semi-synchronous online course; while the video content in the course remains 35 hours long, learners now have 90 days to complete it. Practitioners also have the opportunity to discuss course material in a dedicated AFMCP Facebook group and participate in scheduled live webinars, all of which are optional. In addition, everyone in the course gets free access to the IFM Toolkit, one of our most popular resources, for the entirety of the course and free enrollment in the Nutrition-Oriented Physical Exam online course. All AFMCP Online graduates who are also IFM members will be listed on Find A Practitioner, which receives more than one million visits per year.

“IFM’s Medical Education team strives to provide evidence-based education and educational best practices in all of its programs,” IFM’s Executive Medical Director Robert Luby, MD, said. “This entails accommodating different learning styles and incorporating a variety of interactive experiences in all of our offerings. The AFMCP Online program offers our partners expanded choices in all of these realms for a more personalized learning experience.”

In all, AFMCP Online provides the opportunity for practitioners—and even entire organizations and clinics—to participate together in this premier Functional Medicine education program. By joining the latest medical research with an individualized model of care, Functional Medicine allows clinicians to understand each patient’s individual history, genetics, and lifestyle factors and to leverage that understanding to design effective, personalized treatments that improve outcomes.


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