The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy’s Role in IFM’s Mission

Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Continues to Grow

In IFM’s most recent Strategic Plan, the organization explicitly recognized the reality that we can’t do it all; fulfilling our mission of the widespread adoption of Functional Medicine requires us to collaborate with other organizations that are better suited to take on some of the tasks that IFM does not have the resources to undertake. One of those organizations is the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA), which began training health coaches in the Functional Medicine model in 2015. Since then, they have trained over 1,000 health coaches and developed several other exciting ways to help Functional Medicine practitioners integrate health coaching into their practices.

FMCA Training

The next cohort of the FMCA training program begins in September 2018, and they are expecting over 400­ participants, according to program founder Sandra Scheinbaum, PhD. The last entering cohort had about 400 students, who are now working their way through the curriculum, and Scheinbaum is excited to see that students are entering the program from a wide variety of different backgrounds. “It’s great to have such diversity because these coaches really are the boots on the ground for the Functional Medicine ecosystem,” Scheinbaum said.

Coaching Summit

This June 2–4, following IFM’s Annual International Conference in Hollywood, FL, FMCA is hosting the Functional Medicine Coaching Summit at The Diplomat Resort and Spa. The theme of this year’s event is celebrating how far FMCA has come and looking forward to the future: Inspiration, Growth, Education, and Community. The main event is Sunday, June 3, and will include celebrations for the graduating classes of February 2017 & August 2017, practice management/business & coaching strategies, and breakout groups. IFM educators, including Robert Luby, MD, Kristi Hughes, ND, Joel Evans, MD, and Monique Class, MS, APRN, will take part.

The summit is intended for current and prospective students, as well as those who have graduated from FMCA and any others with an interest in health coaching. Drop-in registrations will be accepted. “We are rolling out new practice models that will help the practitioner integrate a health coach into their practice and ones that include weaving aspects of positive psychology into the Matrix,” said Scheinbaum.

Reversing Cognitive Decline Program

FMCA has partnered with IFM and MPI Cognition to develop a specialty course that teaches the Bredesen protocol—a multimodal approach to reversing cognitive decline and early Alzheimer’s disease—to health coaches. This all-online course will be 20 hours and makes Dale Bredesen’s approach relevant for health coaches. “It includes a unique blending of Bredesen’s approach to diet with IFM’s Mito Food Plan,” Scheinbaum said. The course also features aspects of positive psychology, helping patients to live well despite their cognitive issues.

More to Come

FMCA is in the process of developing some exciting new programs, including two new specialty courses, one on men’s health and another on advanced technology for wellness, and a specialty track for coaching veterans. They are also beta testing a reality series that features master coaches working with clients in their natural environments. IFM is proud to be a part of this exciting collaboration, and we will keep you up to date on future developments.

Is further evidence of the strength of our partnership with IFM that we are working together on developing toolkit items to help integrate Functional Medicine coaching into practices.”

Sandra Scheinbaum FMCA Co-founder

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