IFM Multiplies Practitioner Efficiency Through New Collaboration with LivingMatrix

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May 26, 2015

Federal Way, WAThe Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) announced today its collaboration with the Richmond, VA-based health information technology firm, LivingMatrix, to create a web application that will automate the formerly paper-based process of new patient intake and the creation of the Functional Medicine Timeline and Matrix.

Working to find the root cause of chronic disease requires Functional Medicine practitioners to gather and organize a lot more information about their patients than other providers do. Once gathered, the model relies on two powerful information organization tools, the Functional Medicine Timeline and Matrix, that enable practitioners to decipher the clues provided by patient symptoms, health histories, and biomarkers.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of a remarkable application that helps integrate core IFM tools such as the Timeline and Matrix into the Functional Medicine Operating System in a unique and user-friendly way. The LivingMatrix application exemplifies how creative innovators who understand both Functional Medicine and the needs of today’s practitioners can build something exciting to engage patients in telling a complete and clear story of their health history,” says IFM CEO Laurie Hofmann, MPH. She adds, “Designed to assist with the intake process and to improve the organization and interpretation of patient data, the LivingMatrix is the kind of tool that can help to streamline clinical practice and advance the adoption of Functional Medicine throughout the healthcare community.”

Using the LivingMatrix application, Functional Medicine practitioners may now invite patients to access the library of IFM intake forms online and can follow each patient’s progress in completing the forms through the application’s provider dashboard.

Once completed, the LivingMatrix automatically applies the logic devised by IFM to map each patient’s information into the Functional Medicine Timeline and Matrix. This mapping process is expected to save practitioners hours of valuable time each month. The tool also fills a significant void left by conventional electronic health records by allowing practitioners to edit and add information to each patient’s health narrative over time within the Functional Medicine context supported by LivingMatrix.

The LivingMatrix tool will be unveiled to practitioners at IFM’s Annual International Conference in Austin, Texas, being held on May 28-30, 2015.

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