6 Technology Tips for Practice Success

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Priya Kamani, MD, is not only a clinician but also a technology entrepreneur. It has become her mission to support Functional Medicine clinicians through a software she has developed called LivingMatrix. The documentation that accompanies a Functional Medicine clinical visit can seem complex, particularly for patients with multiple comorbidities.

LivingMatrix automates many stages of data collection and analysis while providing a tool for communicating clinical needs to patients, connecting patients to educational materials, and tracking outcomes in a Functional Medicine framework.

Creating a Virtuous Circle

In this video, Dr. Kamani describes the six-stage virtuous cycle of practice management using technology ranging from social media to tracking outcome data like PROMIS scores, which is possible within LivingMatrix.

The six stages of practice management that Dr. Kamani describes are as follows:

The six technology stages for clinical practice success

Curious about the LivingMatrix tool? 

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