Practice Implementation Resources

In addition to the practice implementation resources contained in IFM’s member toolkit and those presented at AFMCP and the 6 APMs, IFM recommends two programs that we feel help practitioners at different points in the process of developing and running their Functional Medicine business. IFM Certified Practitioners  participated in and vetted these programs to ensure they support implementation of the Functional Medicine Model and are valuable investments in supporting clinicians’ practice objectives.

Are you newly establishing your Functional Medicine practice or needing to develop a more sustainable/scalable business plan for your existing Functional Medicine practice? Click here to learn more about The Kalish Institute’s My Practice Plan!

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Is your Functional Medicine business model established and flowing effectively, or are you finding gaps in your technological tool belt that are prohibiting your practice from the smoothest execution possible? Click here to read more about Evolution of Medicine’s Accelerator!

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My Practice Plan

IFM worked directly with Dr. Dan Kalish to develop this comprehensive practice implementation course that takes practitioners through every aspect of building a successful Functional Medicine business plan and practice.

This course teaches:

Through online modules, a peer to peer community, and live discussion classes hosted by Dr. Kalish, My Practice Plan teaches a robust practice building model to develop your ideal Functional Medicine clinic. The 16-week course begins with a focus on self-exploration and defining your personal and professional goals, followed by detailed lectures and think tank discussions with fellow practitioners on business and financial planning, operations, sales, patient communication, and legal strategy. Whether you are building a practice, growing your practice, or reinventing your business model, My Practice Plan offers extensive resources and instruction to help you develop a fully operational, personalized business plan.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Confidently build your Functional Medicine clinic having worked on assignments covering the key tools required for success, including:
    • complete business plan
    • financial plan
    • sales and marketing plans
    • comprehensive legal strategy for launching a cash, insurance or membership based practice.
  • You’ll also have a solid understanding of what to charge, how to structure your clinic, what types of patients and services you want to engage with and how this transition to functional medicine will work at the basic level of creating your vision for your clinic and your infrastructure to bring it to life.

Next Offering: July 2020


Practice Accelerator


IFM’s certified practitioners recommended Evolution of Medicine’s Practice Accelerator program for those clinicians who have an established practice and are looking to use technology to run their practice more efficiently and grow their business.  This program is for you if you’ve already determined and implemented the practice model you want, and you are looking to scale and grow your business using technology tools to do so.

This course teaches:

  • Automated systems for patient education, practice marketing and new patient onboarding
  • The best-in-category technologies to run an efficient practice
  • Modern marketing strategies for practices looking for local, qualified patients
  • Step-by-step implementation of best practices

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Fill your in person or digital seminars with qualified new patient leads
  • Build an email autoresponder to automate patient education
  • Book in new patients with an online scheduling technology
  • Hire a health coach or run your first group visit
  • Have your practice questions answered by a community of your peers

Next Offering: February 2020

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Disclosure: IFM receives a percentage of the sales of both programs.

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