Toolkit Highlight: Testing for Low Stomach Acidity

Toolkit Highlight: Testing for Low Stomach Acidity

The IFM Toolkit is a highly valued resource containing nearly 400 items, including questionnaires, intake forms, lifestyle recommendations, and food plans to assist practitioners and patients in meeting their health goals. While the IFM Toolkit is largely a reference for clinicians to use as patient education, it also has many practitioner-specific resources.

Explore this month’s Toolkit Highlight below. IFM updates and adds to this, constantly expanding the library of clinician tools. Many toolkit items are being translated into multiple languages as well.

Testing for Low Stomach Acidity

Hypochlorhydria (HCL), low stomach acid, affects half of people over the age of 60. By age 85, 80% of relatively healthy people have low stomach acid. Without adequate acid, we leave ourselves open to decreased immune resistance and a variety of other health problems. Adequate stomach acid is also necessary for the absorption of vitamins like B12 from food. In this informative guide, learn how to identify common symptoms of HCL and what diseases are associated with this inadequacy.

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