Integrated & Functional Connections

The Partnership

As demand for Functional Medicine increases, so does the interest in clinicians trained by The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). IFM and Integrated & Functional Connections (IFC) have formed a partnership to meet this demand, creating the leading platform for helping match Functional Medicine clinicians with employment opportunities.

IFC is a leading-edge healthcare placement firm that specializes exclusively in the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine. The partnership helps connect Integrative and Functional Medicine providers to career opportunities in which they can transform health. Clinicians may search for job openings and post employment opportunities throughout the US. IFC offers recruiting services as well. All IFM members receive a $100 discount on job advertising services.

How Does This Partnership Advance IFM's Mission?

IFM’s collaborating partnership with IFC works toward IFM’s mission by:

  1. Developing a wider, more robust market for patients seeking Functional Medicine practitioners.
  2. Generating professional opportunities for IFM-trained clinicians.
  3. Creating networking opportunities among Functional Medicine professionals.

The Impact

IFM-trained clinicians—especially IFM Certified Practitioners—are the most highly sought-after in the Functional Medicine arena. IFC helps connect IFM-trained clinicians with job opportunities they might never have encountered otherwise. This service also helps meet the growing demand for Functional Medicine among both patients and employers. IFC also helps create marketing and networking opportunities for clinicians to grow their practice and their patient population.

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