The Partnership

LivingMatrix is a cloud-based patient information management application specifically designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of functional medicine practices. LivingMatrix houses interactive versions of IFM’s innovative clinical tools, including patient intake questionnaires, the Timeline, and the Matrix. The application helps to automate the process of new patient intake and organizes patient information to improve the efficiency of the patient visit.

Functional medicine practitioners take detailed histories to identify the environmental, lifestyle, and genetic factors that underlie each patient’s illness. LivingMatrix dramatically streamlines this process beginning with the initial patient intake, allowing for more time spent in consultation with patients and improving practice throughput. It also allows for an integrated, EMR-like experience that is specific to the practice of functional medicine.


  • Streamlines the patient intake process
  • Automates IFM’s clinical tools including the Timeline and Matrix
  • Provides an integrated, electronic-medical-records–like experience specific to the practice of functional medicine
  • Is intuitive and easy to incorporate into the practice workflow
  • Frees up practitioner time

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How Does This Partnership Advance IFM’s Mission?

This partnership contributes to IFM’s mission by increasing practitioner access to functional medicine and making it easier and more efficient to practice the functional medicine model. LivingMatrix is also the world’s largest and fastest growing database of functional medicine patient data.

The Impact

LivingMatrix is currently available as a subscription service and is the most widely used patient information management tool by functional medicine practitioners. Data analysis shows that the application is saving clinicians one hour in patient visits every day. LivingMatrix also holds the largest and most robust database of functional medicine patient phenotypes anywhere. A subtle but equally important aspect of LivingMatrix is that, for the first time, hundreds of practices are now operating from a common data platform. This opens the door to long-awaited research opportunities to accelerate the growth of the evidence base for functional medicine.

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