Michele Michele Emery, MD

Michele Michele Emery, MD

IFM Certified Practitioner IFM Certified Practitioner

Practice Location

E2814A6E-0D1F-4DCC-B107-7AA9AD796716 352-204-0120
7655B631-35D1-495D-AD70-12DA3A1056B8 contact@gainesvilledpcmd.com

Information for Patients

From the practitioner: About My Practice

My practice is a direct primary care practice, which is a monthly membership model offering high quality healthcare with unlimited access to a physician, 95% off medications, and huge discounts on labs and radiology services. Adults <65yrs $80/mos and >65 yrs $100/mos - see website for further details. Time is spent with patients understanding the root causes of their illness and helping patients make the needed dietary and lifestyle changes along with needed supplementation and support to the microbiome to achieve improved health and vitality.

Medical Specialties

  • Family Medicine
  • Functional Medicine

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

Graduate School Education

Tulane School of Medicine

Professional Associations

Institute of Functional Medicine, American Academy of Family Physicians, Christian Medical and Dental Society

IFM Coursework

  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice
  • Bioenergetics (formerly Energy) Advanced Practice Module
  • Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module
  • Environmental Health (formerly Detox) Advanced Practice Module
  • GI Advanced Practice Module
  • Hormone Advanced Practice Module
  • Immune Advanced Practice Module