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Anat  Baniel

Anat Baniel

Anat Baniel, founder of the Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®, was trained as a clinical psychologist and dancer, and was put on the path of utilizing movement and focusing on the brain as a central source for positive change through her studies and close professional association with Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais. Her neuroscience-based approach, developed over 30 years, has helped thousands of people of all ages move beyond limitations, and is supported by leading neuroscientists and brain research. Her theory and methods provide concrete, powerful, and easy-to-use tools—The Nine Essentials she has defined—that often lead to clinical outcomes that defy medical prognosis. Baniel and the practitioners she has trained work with children and adults suffering from a wide variety of conditions, such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, “garden variety” aches and pains, cerebral palsy, learning challenges, and autism. Baniel is the author of Move Into Life and Kids Beyond Limits.