Functional Medicine for Residents and Medical Students

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We know you have worked hard and sacrificed to get to where you are in your medical training. The road is long and the sacrifice is substantial. Training programs throughout the country are structured to teach you the traditions of medicine and the scientific foundations of clinical practice.

Many of the best and brightest in medicine have gone on to study functional medicine so they could gain the specific skills that allow them to apply the latest scientific discoveries to clinical medicine. Functional medicine is a systems-based approach that deeply values understanding each patient as an individual. Learning how to use personalized knowledge of each individual’s biochemistry, genetics, epigenetics, and metabolomics is what sets functional medicine apart.

Others aspire to unravel the root causes of illness, and functional medicine provides a framework and skill set to accomplish this. Why not avail yourself of the most sophisticated training available to apply the science you are learning to clinical medicine in novel and rewarding ways? Practicing functional medicine is a thoughtful and satisfying way to take what you have learned to the next level.

We invite you to explore what we do and how we do it by making use of the opportunities below. Join The Institute for Functional Medicine at the leading edge of medicine.

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Resident and Medical Student Opportunities

Resident and Medical Student Tuition and Membership Program

Resident and medical student tuition and membership program is available for all of the following products/programs:

Learn More About Resident and Medical Student Tuition and membership program

Free Online Learning Courses

Free Online Learning:

Introduction to Functional Medicine
This course contextualizes functional medicine to complement previous clinical training. In under two hours, you can learn how functional medicine can update your practice. Learn More

Grand Rounds
IFM regularly produces a free livestream Grand Rounds series featuring pioneers and thought leaders in functional medicine. Learn More


Functional Medicine Residency Programs

We partner with leading medical residency programs across the United States to provide functional medicine education and training. By the end of their training, these clinicians are prepared to provide functional medicine care to patients in any setting and population. Learn MOre