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IFM Membership

Enhancing Your Functional Medicine Journey

  • Purchase of IFM Membership grants access to member benefits for one year and can be extended or renewed at any time.
  • IFM now offers a military discount! More Info

IFM Membership provides innovative clinical tools, practice resources, and several cost-saving benefits to help you deliver transformative care. Membership includes subscriptions to partner publications, program and product discounts, and exclusive content. Becoming a member ensures that you have access to the latest functional medicine resources taught in our curriculum.

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Membership grants access to IFM’s Toolkit with hundreds of valuable clinical resources.

Disclaimer: You may renew your membership at any time. Renewals will extend for one full year from the current membership expiration date for active members. If membership has expired, renewals will receive one full year of membership from the purchase date. Click here to view IFM’s Member Terms and Conditions. Purchase of membership signifies your agreement to these terms.

Additional Information

Membership Benefits

Access to the IFM Toolkit

With hundreds of downloadable documents ready to be used in daily clinical practice, including:

  • IFM Foundational Tools – Information and guidance on the functional medicine Timeline, functional medicine Matrix, and GOTOIT framework, which are diagnostic tools to organize and integrate patient history and facilitate treatment.
  • Intake Forms, Questionnaires, and Assessment Tools – Tools to help practitioners work with and evaluate their patients.
  • Practice Management Tools – Tools to help with the logistics of managing your practice.
  • Various Articles and Resources – Topics include: reducing physician burnout and practicing restoration; environmental illnesses, food, and nutrition; educational patient handouts; and movement and exercise.
  • Multilingual Tools – Many toolkit items are available in Spanish and Mandarin.

Discounts and Other Financial Benefits

Receive significant financial discounts, including:

  • IFM Product Discounts – 10% discount on select IFM product purchases. Discount will be automatically applied at checkout.*
  • Member Discounts – Various discounts on products and subscriptions:
    • Dr. Journal Club – Two months of FREE access to Dr. Journal Club’s Basics Level membership and 20% off of any Dr. Journal Club level or product.  dr. journal club
    • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) –  Functional Medicine Coaching Academy provides the gold standard in Health Coaching Certification with the only program designed and delivered in collaboration with IFM. This membership provides a 10% discount on FMCA’s health coaching certification program. Please follow this link to learn more about FMCA’s program, how we support providers, and contact information.
    • Integrated Connections (IC) – Integrated Connections has been connecting professionals to job opportunities in functional medicine for over 10 years.  We’re the premier placement service for the field and have partnered with IFM on a career platform since 2016. Your IFM membership provides $100 off a job posting on our robust platform.  Click on the following link to learn about the many benefits of our job board, and additional services we offer to grow a career or a practice in the field.  Learn More

* Discount does not apply to IFMCP products.

Qualify for IFM’s Find A Practitioner Listing

After completing AFMCP, membership will qualify you to be listed on IFM’s web-based practitioner referral network, Find A Practitioner. More than 100,000 new patients looking for healthcare professionals trained in functional medicine access this referral network each month.

Find a practitioner

Access to Clinical Articles and Partner Publications

  • Functional Medicine Connections – Receive IFM’s monthly e-newsletter to broaden your functional medicine knowledge and practical application.  Click here to see a newsletter.
  • Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal (IMCJ) – Included in the functional medicine Connections e-newsletter, IMCJ provides practitioners with a practical and comprehensive approach to integrating alternative therapies with conventional medicine.

Access to the NatMed Pro (Natural Medicines) Database ($182 value)

NatMed Pro is the authoritative resource on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary, alternative, and integrative therapies.

Features include:

  • More than 1200 natural medicines ingredient monographs
  • 90,000 commercial dietary supplement products
  • Evidence-based NMBER® system for all commercial products
  • New and improved checkers and tools
  • Patient handouts in English, Spanish, and French
  • Enhanced health & wellness monographs
  • Sports medicine monographs
  • Natural MedWatch adverse event reporting system

Cost Savings for IFM Members Towards AMS Insurance Coverage

IFM Members receive a $245 discount. Learn More

To access your member benefits:

  1. Log in to the IFM website using your email address and password.
  2. Select My Certification & Membership from the menu on the left.
  3. Select Member Resource Center.

Membership Benefits are subject to change without notice.

Contact Us

Questions? Contact:

Tel: 1.800.228.0622
Email: info@ifm.org



Practitioner Testimonials

By far the best professional membership I have purchased.