Military Tuition and Membership Program

In an effort to help meet the medical needs of the military community, IFM is providing a 15% discount on Functional Medicine continuing education for current or former active duty members of the military and/or those employed at a Veterans Health Administration healthcare facility. In order to help us better serve military personnel and make more informed, strategic decisions around partnerships and initiatives that will benefit both military practitioners and their patients, IFM has updated the process for applying for military discounts


IFM believes all practitioners should have the ability to attend our conferences and learn more about Functional Medicine. In order for IFM to further implement this value, we have partnered with Affirm. Affirm financing now offers a special interest rate for active military.



Military service members and veterans have a unique set of healthcare needs

Military service members make daily sacrifices to serve our country, often compromising their own health and quality of life. Caring for this community is both a national duty and a priority of IFM. Studies suggest that military service members and veterans experience mental health disorders, substance use disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and traumatic brain injury at disproportionate rates compared to their civilian counterparts.

Functional Medicine recognizes the power and impact of the emotional, mental, and spiritual life on physical health and evaluates each component to bring the whole body into balance. The individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that underlies the Functional Medicine model also closely aligns with the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA’s) Whole Health approach to veteran health care. IFM’s medical education courses provide the latest knowledge in nutrition, supplementation, behavioral change, and lifestyle modification approaches for a wide array of conditions afflicting the military population.

In an effort to serve the needs of military practitioners and their patients, a new application process was instituted in 2022 which collects additional information about each applicant and confers military benefits for the period of one year. This application will be provided annually and you may re-apply for each year you remain in a military-related position.

We invite you to read our new report to learn more about how IFM is advancing the transformation of health care for military and veteran populations: Military and VA Initiatives Report. READ OUR NEW REPORT 

Toblin RL, Quartana PJ, Riviere LA, Walper KC, Hoge CW. Chronic pain and opioid use in US soldiers after combat deployment. JAMA Intern Med. 2014;174(8):1400-1401.

Military Learning Opportunities

discounts are available for all of the following PROGRAMS:
Discount Eligible Programs/Products
$100 off IFM Membership
30% Discount Lifestyle: The Foundations of Functional Medicine
15% Discount Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP)
IFM’s foundational functional medicine course
15% Discount Advanced Practice Modules (APMs):
Cardiometabolic, Immune, Hormone, Bioenergetics, GI, and Environmental Health
15% Discount Therapeutic Food Plans: A Component of Personalized Nutrition (TFP)
10% Discount (In-person) IFM's Annual International Conference (AIC)

AFMCP and all six APMs are required courses to complete IFM’s Certification Program (IFMCP). Learn More about IFMCP

No retroactive discounts available. This discount does not apply to IFMCP application, exam and case study fees. If you are a full-time resident or medical student, click here to learn more about IFM’s Resident and Medical Student Tuition discounts.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current or former active duty military service AND/OR
  • Current employment at a Veterans Health Administration healthcare facility

IFM reserves the right to request a copy of one or more of the following documents at any time: SF50 (question 23),  DD214, SF15.

Application Process

If you qualify for the Military Status Program you can apply online by filling out the application form. Please read the eligibility requirements listed above.

Important Note: Applications are processed in up to five business days. You will receive a confirmation email once you are accepted into the program, at which point you can start enrolling into the courses listed above and receiving discounts automatically.

2022 Military Application Update: This application will be provided annually and you may re-apply for each year you remain in a military-related position.

Application Form

Please create an IFM account before submitting the application below. If you already have an IFM account, please use the email associated with it when filling out this application, otherwise IFM will be unable to process your submission.

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