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Advancing the Highest Expression of Health

We Lead

We set the gold standard for education, training, and clinical practice in functional medicine globally.

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We Innovate

We accelerate the application of emerging research in clinical practice to improve patient outcomes.

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We Inspire

We inspire practitioners to rediscover their passion for medicine and patients to take active ownership of their health.

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Our Purpose

What We Do

We believe health and vitality are essential to the human spirit. IFM’s vision is to advance the highest expression of individual health. Our mission is to ensure the widespread adoption of functional medicine. We accomplish this work through:

  1. Education. We train functional medicine clinicians to act as change agents in reversing the epidemic of chronic disease. Learn More
  2. Access. We facilitate the broadest possible integration of functional medicine into the global healthcare system. Learn More
  3. Economics. We ensure that the practice of functional medicine is economically viable for providers, patients, and payers. Learn More
  4. Collaboration & Development. We create and support key alliances that advance IFM’s mission to make functional medicine care accessible for all. Learn More
  5. Research. We catalyze and facilitate clinical research that supports the functional medicine model. Learn More

Read About Mission Impact in IFM’s Annual Report

Presenter at AFMCP in Austin, Texas
Facilitator at AFMCP in California
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IFM Educators

Leaders in Clinical Practice, Education, and Research

IFM’s educational programs are led by a diverse set of educators with areas of expertise that include the microbiome, genomic medicine, clinical nutrition, and lifestyle change. Drawn from the leaders in the arenas of clinical practice, education, and research, each educator has years of experience practicing functional medicine.

Meet Our Educators

IFM Leadership

Executive Team

The IFM executive team has piloted the organization through tremendous growth, including increasing the number of functional medicine-trained clinicians by a factor of five, helping to open the first functional medicine center of excellence at Cleveland Clinic, and initiating partnerships to develop technology solutions for greater practice efficiency for functional medicine providers.

Meet IFM’s Executive Team

Board of Directors

IFM’s board is made up of our co-founder, founding president emeritus, and other professionals with a diverse set of experience who all share a passion for promoting the widespread adoption of functional medicine.

Meet IFM’s Board of Directors

Amy R. Mack, MSES/MPA
Chief Executive Officer
Ex officio, non-voting member, IFM Board of Directors
Brian Clintworth
Chief Finance Officer
Michelle Harreld
Director of Medical Education Resources & Standards
Robert Luby, MD
Director of Medical Education Initiatives
Dan Lukaczer, ND
Director of Medical Education Curriculum
Kaz Obrietan
Chief People Officer - Human Resources
Stephanie Sharkey
Chief Operating Officer

Bridging Past and Present

History & Founders

Since its founding in 1991, The Institute for functional medicine has trained clinicians to translate scientific advances in the areas of genomics, epigenetics, nutrition, and lifestyle into solutions for notoriously challenging clinical problems.

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ACCME Accreditation

IFM is the only functional medicine organization accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). We have been continuously accredited since 2001, having received the coveted status of accreditation with commendation three times. Read more about our accreditation with commendation here.

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