Is there a minimum amount that I have to finance with Affirm?

Yes, this financing option is only available for orders that total $950 or more.

Can I purchase more than one course at a time and still receive financing with Affirm?

Yes, you can add as many courses to your cart as you like and all will be added to the same financing plan.

If I already have an Affirm account, can I purchase another course on that same account?

Yes, you can use your current Affirm account, just different financing option.

When I finance through Affirm, where does my personal information go, and is it secured?

Your information is stored with Affirm. No one at IFM will have access to your loan or other loan-related information. See the Affirm Privacy Policy

Will I be provided a separate login for Affirm?

Yes, your Affirm account is completely separate from your IFM account. For login or account assistance go to Access Affirm Account.

What if Affirm denies my application for financing, will IFM work with me on a payment plan?

No, unfortunately IFM is unable to provide financing. We are not equipped to act in that capacity. Go to Affirm Loan Assistance for more information.

What if my Affirm payment is late?

You will work with Affirm on late or missed payments. Affirm does not charge late fees. See more information here.

Can I pay off my balance early?

Yes, you can work with Affirm to pay your loan off in full at any time. More information here.

Why am I charged interest?

You are borrowing money, essentially a loan from an outside organization.

Can IFM adjust the interest rate?

No, unfortunately this rate is an agreement with Affirm for providing their services.

I need other information about Affirm. Where do I go?

Affirm Customer Service Team can be reached by emailing or call toll-free 855-423-3729 from 7AM – 7PM CST seven days a week. Or use the appropriate link below: