What are the technical requirements for Online Learning courses?

Your computer or mobile device should meet the following technology requirements:

  1. Access to a high-speed internet connection: 3.5 Mbps download speed or higher
  2. Uses a supported operating system: Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS 10.7 or newer.
  3. Uses a supported browser: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Android (Tablet/Mobile) or Safari5 (macOS/iOS).
  4.  Functioning internal or external speakers.

Can I download an IFM video or audio to watch offline on my iPad?

Apple recommends using a laptop or desktop computer in conjunction with your iPad.

  • First, open the link you wish to watch later in your preferred web browser on your computer.
  • Next, download the video to your computer and add it to iTunes.
  • Connect your iPad and computer with the USB cable and then sync.

This will transfer the video file to your iPad. Disconnect the device, and you will now be able to watch the video offline. For more information on accessing materials on your iPad, please refer to our Tablet Technology Guide.

I am having issues accessing my course. What should I do?

Here are steps you can take if you are having issues accessing a course:

  1. Try accessing the course in a different browser. (We recommend Mozilla Firefox).
  2. Content may also be blocked if you are accessing the course from a public or work computer. Try again from a home computer.
  3. Select the “refresh” button in your browser to reload the page.
  4. Ensure your software is up to date:
    •  Flash player plug-in
    •  JavaScript
    •  Adobe Acrobat
  5. Check to ensure cookies are enabled in your browser settings.
  6. Clear your browser cache. Clearing your cache varies depending on your web browser. Please click on the appropriate link below for instructions:
    •  Mozilla Firefox
    •  Internet Explorer
    •  Google Chrome
    •  Safari
    •  Safari on iOS (iPhones, iPads, iPods)