What are the Facebook Group etiquette & guidelines?

Please respect others’ intellectual property rights. Do not post articles, photos, or slides which were created by someone else unless you have their permission. Posts that are in conflict will be removed.  

Please be respectful and kind. Disrespectful posts will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the group.  

Your thoughtful and supportive participation in this group is encourages. We all bring something unique to the table and your participation not only helps others learn, but also creates space for others to particulate.  

Share your successes, challenges, and insights. We can all learn from your share experience!  

Who is in the Facebook Group?

There are many IFM Certified Practitioners in this group who have joined in to help support this community. IFMCP graduates & IFM Clinical staff are here to answer your questions. Please ask them!  

Will an IFM educator or staff member answer my question?

The IFM Facebook Groups are moderated on an ongoing basis by the IFM Medical Education Team, so you may receive a response from a staff member. Occasionally, IFM educators will post or interact with other comments. 

Are posts confidential?

Anyone who is a member of the private FB group will be able to see your posts. If you are posting about a patient case, you must maintain HIPAA compliance by removing all personally identifying health information

Why should I join the Facebook Group?

The purpose of the IFM Facebook Group is to expand upon your AFMCP experience and provide a place to ask questions, share experiences & knowledge, and create community.  

Who has access to the IFM Facebook Groups?

The IFM Community Facebook Group is intended to be a place where functional medicine clinicians who have taken advanced IFM coursework can share their knowledge, collaborate with one another, and create community. It is also a place where IFM is able to interact with our community through clinical content sharing and broad discussion. The requirement for admission to the IFM AFMCP Facebook Group is enrollment in or completion of AFMCP. 

Facebook users will need to “request to join,” answer a few questions about their enrollment status and the name on their account. Once submitted, an IFM staff member will admit them to the group (usually within 24 hours).