When I log in to My Education, it looks different. What is happening?

IFM has implemented some changes to the appearance of My Education dashboard and course views layout. The functionality has not changed. you will still access your courses, course materials, and other resources from the dashboard. Along with the improved layout, you will find:

  • A calendar view for you to track when your courses are expiring
  • Enhanced mobile device functionality
  • Added browser support
Questions? Contact IFM at 800.228.0622 or

How do I enable or disable cookies in my browser?

Adjusting cookie settings varies depending on your web browser. Please click on the appropriate link below for instructions:

•  Mozilla Firefox
•  Internet Explorer
•  Google Chrome
•  Safari
•  Safari on iOS (iPhones, iPads, iPods)

Please note that disabling cookies will compromise your user experience. You will have difficulty using account features, making purchases, and some online learning features may not function at all.