Can I complete the coursework for the IFM Certification Program (IFMCP) online?

IFM understands not everyone can travel so we have made online learning an option. The Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) course is offered in a self-paced online format. For the Online AFMCP course, learners have 90 days to complete approximately 40 hours of curriculum at their own pace within the 90 days. There are set start and end dates, but within those 90 days candidates can complete the program on their own time and at their own pace. 

The Advanced Practice Modules (APMs) are currently offered in a live stream format, so it is possible to distance learn all of the required certification courses. However, you must attend the APMs live on the dates and times the course is being offered, even if you are participating by live stream, to receive credit for the course. This is different than the self-paced nature of the Online AFMCP course.   

Please click here for the upcoming Conference Calendar which show the dates/locations of our upcoming programs.   

Can I take the APMs before I take AFMCP?

Yes, although we recommend starting with AFMCP whenever possible; however, you may take the courses in any order that works best for you and your schedule. 

How much does the certification program cost from start to finish?

Typically, from start to finish, the program costs between $13,000-$17,000 (includes price of all programs, application fee, exam fee, and case report fee). It is not possible to state an exact amount, since course fees do change from time to time and the total cost will depend on what the fees are when each course is taken, whether or not the Candidate is an IFM member, whether she/he is a physician or other level of practitioner, and so forth. The application and testing fees are separate from the cost of the courses. Please note this is based off current tuition rates.   

Can I pay for the entire certification program at once?

We do not offer a one-time payment option at this time.