Our People

David Harris, BFA

David Harris, BFA

Secretary, IFM Board of Directors

Leveraging a decades long career focused on the science of physical education and program development for Equinox holdings, Inc., David uses the concept of stimulus and adaptation as a metaphor for the development of the psyche and human potential more specifically.

Inspired by a decade of research collaboration with UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine resulting in three published studies in Holistic Health and Wellness, David has designed custom Leadership Development programs for a variety of organizations. He is currently Chief Officer of Innovation and Human Performance for FORME life, and an Optimist for Simon Sinek, Inc., where he will be launching a Health and Wellness online education vertical as part of their broader online education curriculum.

Prior to this David had a successful 25 year career at Equinox, the leader in Lifestyle Wellness where he built the Personal Training Program before taking on a broader role as Vice President of Health and Human Performance, and was also Chairman of the Equinox Health Advisory Board.