Our People

Laurie Hofmann, MPH

Laurie Hofmann, MPH

Chairman of the Board

Laurie has devoted more than 15 years of her life to the advancement of IFM and Functional Medicine. First as a Board Member, then as Vice-Chair, then as Executive Director, then as CEO, and now as Board Chair, she has prioritized clarity of vision, in-depth strategic planning, national and global collaboration, and a much-needed emphasis on outreach, engagement, and communications to stabilize and grow IFM. Under her leadership, IFM has evolved into an extremely impactful organization serving thousands of clinician partners with distinction, developing innovative strategic partnerships and growing the human and financial resource base of IFM.

Laurie is also an advisor and consultant to several health and professional education initiatives across the country. She enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, writing, studying conscious leadership, and deepening her spiritual practice.