Strategic Plan

IFM's Strategic Plan presents a five-year vision for advancing the practice of functional medicine.

IFM’s 2016–2020 Strategic Plan codifies our vision for serving as the leader and catalyst of the emerging functional medicine ecosystem by incubating, supporting, and disseminating creative and innovative new tools and approaches within the extended functional medicine community and beyond.

The 2016–20 Strategic Plan reflects IFM’s most vital commitments:

  • To respond effectively to rapid and complex changes in health care and to our evolving role as movement leader.
  • To continue the development and refinement of the science, systems, and tools of functional medicine.
  • To expand our capacity and reach in order to maximize access, improve the economics of functional medicine practice, and strengthen and extend key alliances.
  • To achieve our mission of ensuring the widespread adoption of functional medicine.

At this time, IFM continues the important work of the commitments outlined above while our next strategic plan is in development.

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