IFM's Online Clinical Community Forum Guidelines and Terms & Conditions

Welcome to IFM’s Online Clinical Community Forum. We are excited to have you here. The goal of this group is to increase engagement between functional medicine clinicians, foster clinical discussions, and create opportunity for a more advanced peer-to-peer interaction.

By accessing the IFM’s Online Clinical Community Forum you agree to the following forum terms and conditions:

  • I will respect fellow forum members intellectual property rights. I will not post articles, photos, or slides which were created by someone else unless you have his or her permission.
  • Please keep your posts and discussions fact-based, relevant, and well-founded.
  • While we encourage the sharing of learning opportunities and networking events, promotion of products and services is not allowed.
  • Please be respectful, kind, and safe. Any posts that we deem to be disrespectful, promoting potentially harmful or unlawful behavior, or negatively impacting the advancement and community of functional medicine will not be tolerated.
  • I will treat other subscribers with courtesy and respect. Online discussion forums are like any other organized gathering of people; there are rules of etiquette everyone is expected to follow. We believe in free expression of a variety of viewpoints and critical discussion of all ideas. Your experience is bound only by a set of common-sense rules that ask you to be civil and show respect for others when you are online. If any comments are deemed disrespectful, discourteous, and/or foul the forum member responsible will lose privileges and be removed from the forum.
  • I will not share my login details, username, and/or password with anyone.
  • I will Keep my member profiles and signatures clean and appropriate.
  • I will respect all of IFM’s copyrighted materials and intellectual property.
  • I will not share content (or link out to any third party) unless I am certain it is 100% evidence-based, scientific and factual.
  • I agree that I will not accept anything posted by other members as factual or endorsed by IFM.
  • I will not post any copyrighted material; only content that is my own, I have consent from the copyright owner, or the material is public domain.
  • I will not advertise, solicit, trade goods and services, or link out to sales pages on the forum.
  • When using our private message system, I will abide by all rules, terms of service and etiquette guidelines.
  • I will not post offensive comments or material. I will not post anything which is false, vulgar, obscene, sexually-oriented. I will not invade other forum member’s privacy. I will not libel, defame others, and/or use profanity.
  • I agree to report offensive material. Including texts, photos, videos or other posts that offend you and/or you think may offend other members. I will contact the site administrator as soon as possible.
  • All Inappropriate content will be removed. We reserve the right to edit or remove objectionable or inappropriate posts. We do not monitor all forum messages in real time or hold them for approval, so objectionable content cannot be removed until it is seen by the administrators. Violators who post objectionable content may receive a warning or be removed from the forum.

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We hope that these general rules & guidelines can help foster thoughtful, respectful, and productive dialogue amongst our members. Group admins reserve the right to remove, at their discretion, any post that does not meet the rules & guidelines outlined above. Thank you!

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