Impact of Functional Medicine

Adoption of the Model

The functional medicine model has taken hold inside the healthcare system and is currently being employed by organizations and institutions of all types and sizes. Some of these include:

Implement Functional Medicine in Practice

As a result of this traction, many of these organizations are reporting improvements in patient outcomes. Having treated more than 4200 patients and counting, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine is beginning to report their data. For example, when comparing patients treated with conventional care at Cleveland Clinic versus patients treated at Center for Functional Medicine, the latter group shows better clinical improvements in several areas, even while healthcare costs decrease.

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Patient Demand

Patient demand for functional medicine is burgeoning, as well:

  • More than one million annual searches are conducted in IFM’s Find A Practitioner database.
  • The wait to see a clinician at the newly expanded Center for Functional Medicine currently stands at six to seven months.
  • Functional medicine clinicians and thought leaders have landed on bestseller lists in recent years. Some of these authors include Mark Hyman, MD, David Perlmutter, MD, Amy Myers, MD, Terry Wahls, MD, and Jeff Bland, PhD.

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