IFM Publications

IFM Publications and the IFM eCommerce site exists to bring informative and provocative materials on functional medicine and other health issues to healthcare practitioners and consumers. These publications may expose you to what patients are reading or to cutting-edge perspectives on emerging issues. You will find publications by educators from IFM educational programs, whose further work may be of interest to you. And you will find books that are in high demand among consumers, providers, or both. We are pleased to make available many different views of health and disease; we know that it will be years, or even decades, before research fully validates (or invalidates) many of these ideas. We welcome your feedback—good or bad—about anything you have purchased here. The decision to place a book or provide a link to a publication on our website or online Bookstore does not represent a judgment on our part about the validity of specific content. We encourage all readers to evaluate and judge for themselves, and we reserve the right to place or pull a book based on user feedback and our own needs assessment. Nothing offered on this website is intended to substitute for an individualized, thoughtful decision process by patients and providers.

Functional Medicine Practitioners

Because functional medicine is an approach to health care—and not a separate profession—practitioners from many different disciplines take IFM courses and purchase books and conference proceedings. It is, therefore, very important for patients to realize that selecting a practitioner from this database does not substitute for a thorough investigation of your chosen clinician’s professional degree and training, clinical experience, scope of practice, participation (or not) in the reimbursement system, malpractice coverage, and other similar criteria. IFM does not investigate the education or credentials of the people who attend our courses or purchase our educational materials; we do not rate or rank practitioners; and we are not able to advise you about any particular clinician’s expertise or scope of practice. IFM reserves the right to remove a practitioner from the Find A Practitioner database for any reason.

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) is our foundational course—and we know that graduates of that course have been exposed to a common knowledge base and understanding of functional medicine. Completing the course, however, is only one of many, many activities a clinician will undertake before deciding how to practice and how to handle your care. It is your responsibility to ask how IFM programs—or other experiences—have affected the practitioner’s approach to patient care.

IFM Certified Practitioners are the most experienced practitioners. IFM Certified Practitioners have completed IFM’s rigorous Certification Program—completing the foundational training program (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) along with six Advanced Practice Modules. Following this training process, IFM Certified Practitioners have also passed the IFM Certification Program Case Study and Written Test requirement.

IFM Exhibit Schedule

IFM’s decision to exhibit at any particular conference does not imply an endorsement of the organization or its program.