AFMCP Online Terms and Conditions

I understand that AFMCP Online is a commitment of 35 hours of videos plus additional materials. I understand that extensions or re-takes for this course are not available and that I will have to complete the course within 90 days of its activation. I understand that, per the cancellation policy, if I’m not able to complete the course within the 90-day timeframe I will forfeit my tuition fee, access to course materials, any CME credits associated with this program and credit toward IFM Certification. I understand that listing in Find A Practitioner is dependent upon completion of this course and having an active IFM Membership. I understand that cancellations must be received in accordance with the policy outlined on the product page in which I added this product to my cart. I understand that no refunds will be issued if CME credits have been claimed.  I understand that failure to submit a cancellation request prior to the last day of the course will result in complete forfeiture of tuition (non-refundable, non-transferable, no exceptions). I understand that cancellation requests must be submitted to Jennifer Stroh at