A Tribute to Maev Creaven

Published 9/1/22

Maev Creaven

The functional medicine community lost a bright light, a passionate advocate, and a brilliant woman with the recent passing of Maev Creaven, FMC Ireland founder and longtime friend of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). 

Steadfast in her mission to heal her community, Maev’s passion and advocacy of functional medicine and nutrition in Ireland is unparalleled. Founding the Functional Medicine Ireland conference in 2016, Maev coordinated the international event for practitioners to enhance and develop their functional medicine skills through education and information delivered by world-class speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors.  

Since then, IFM has been a proud to collaborate and support her efforts to develop and support the functional movement in Ireland. Together, we’ve supported each other’s efforts and initiatives by providing education from experts in the field to Irish clinicians, nutrition professionals, and healthcare practitioners, growing access and awareness of IFM programs for practitioners to continue their functional medicine certification journey, and more. 

Kristi Morlan-Hughes, ND, IFM educator, and former Director of Medical Education at IFM, was instrumental in fostering our partnership with Maev. “She changed the world with her vision and determination,” Kristi shared. “If you ever wonder if one person can really make an impact on the world, Maev is a stellar example of what passion, purpose, and tenacity can create. One person can change their part of the world for the better, forever.” 

We are deeply saddened by Maev’s passing and honored to help carry forward her extraordinary legacy through the 6th Annual Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Conference happening later this year. We extend our heartfelt sympathies to her friends and family, her FMC Ireland team, and nutrition and functional medicine practitioners mourning throughout Ireland and the world.