Clinician Spotlight: Dr. Boham

For many clinicians, discovering the Functional Medicine approach helps them return to why they initially wanted to do medicine. For Elizabeth Boham, MD, MS, RD, IFM’s foundational course provided the framework to integrate her passion for nutrition with preventative medicine. Watch her explain her journey to Functional Medicine.


My undergraduate and graduate degree was in the field of nutrition. So when I went back to medical school and was in my medical school training and residency, there were many times where I got frustrated because we were so focused on acute care medicine, and I really wanted to focus more on prevention and really see how food can impact our health and how food is medicine.

When I got out of residency, I was trying to find my way, and how I was going to practice medicine—and how I was going to incorporate my nutrition training and my medical school practice.

It was in 2004 that I went to AFMCP [Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice], and it was amazing. I remember I went up and gave David Jones a big hug afterward with tears in my eyes because I was like, “This is amazing. This is exactly what I wanted.”

IFM gave me the tools, the map.

The way to incorporate my nutrition background with my medical school training and be able to incorporate the two to really have a very patient-focused practice. To focus on the individual and do some personalized medicine, and really just bring a big science-based approach.

Just do the best of medicine.

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