Considerations for Neuropathic Pain

Regulation of blood sugar and insulin levels can largely impact nerve health. IFM educator Lisa Portera-Perry, DC, IFMCP, talks about this regulation and beneficial nutrients as they relate to neuropathic pain. She also shares how important practitioner-patient collaboration can be in the treatment process to ensure consistent monitoring of glycemic regulation and to improve outcomes.


When it comes to neuropathic pain, [one] of the most important things to make sure that you’re addressing with consistency is blood sugar glycemic regulation, of course—it’s very important. Oftentimes, patients sort of lose track of that because they may actually be medicated already and be being treated for diabetes or prediabetic states. We want to be sure that they’re not just using the medication as an excuse to eat poorly or not really manage those thresholds within the nervous system.

Blood sugar regulation, insulin stabilization, is absolutely fundamental, as well as B vitamins and the nutrients that are necessary to stabilize the neuronal membranes. Oftentimes, we’ll lose track of where we are in our process of following the patient through on these things, and these most fundamental pieces can make a very large impact in regeneration of the nerve.

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