Dr. Lukaczer’s Toolkit Item of the Month: Avoiding Toxins, But Not Just in Food

Dan Lukaczer, ND

We have a Detox Food Plan that highlights foods to avoid as well as foods that we know increase biotransformation of toxins. Food is, of course, foundationally important, but what we prepare that food in can also be a bit of a toxic minefield. Additionally, we put a variety of chemicals onto or into our bodies with everyday personal care products. In particular, some of these ingredients are commonly found in products used for oral health, such as toothpastes and mouthwashes. This is of particular concern, as the mouth and gums are more susceptible to absorbing and transporting substances quickly into the bloodstream. We’ve made two handouts to practically and reasonably address these concerns. The first is called “Non-Toxic Choices for Food Preparation, Cookware, and Dishes” and goes over best choices for cutting boards, cookware, and dishes. The second is “Avoiding Toxins in Oral Health Products.” This brief handout guides a patient through the issues with some toothpaste ingredients, mouthwashes, and dental floss and what may be healthier options. They are both easy to follow for patients to decrease the total load of toxins that they may be inadvertently exposed to.

To access the IFM Clinical Practice Toolkit, log in to your account, select My Education from the left-hand side, then click on the IFM Toolkit tile. To find these toolkit documents, search for “Non-Toxic Choices for Food Preparation, Cookware, and Dishes” and “Avoiding Toxins in Oral Health Products” within the toolkit.