Institute for Functional Medicine Featured on the Today Show

Published 3/11/22

We are excited to share that IFM-trained practitioner Cynthia Li, MD, was interviewed on the Today Show yesterday by Dr. John Torres.

In this segment, the practitioners highlight how a functional medicine approach improved the complex chronic health conditions that patient Palmer Kippola experienced. In addition, Dr. Li provides her clinical expertise and discusses the growing health movement of functional medicine.

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Palmer suffered from debilitating symptoms related to multiple sclerosis: constriction throughout her torso, severe back and neck pain, and difficulty walking. In addition, she suffered from gastrointestinal issues—until she met her functional medicine practitioner. Her results were dramatic and swift, experiencing relief from both her GI and MS conditions within a month.

Dr. Cynthia Li is an internist specializing in functional medicine. In the piece, she praises functional medicine and discusses how the functional medicine model comes alongside traditional medicine in addressing the root causes of disease. She’s also used functional medicine to manage her own health struggles and shared that her experience inspired her to begin thinking of healing and medicine in a different way.

This story serves as an important step in bringing awareness of functional medicine into millions of homes across the nation. We know the myriad of ways functional medicine supports overall health, but there are so many others who have yet to discover the life changing—and in some cases, lifesaving—benefits of a root cause approach to health and well-being.

We thank Dr. Li for sharing her story and expertise on the Today Show and for the opportunity to share a wealth of information for her 30-minute interview, edited into this four-minute segment. We also want to thank each of you for being part of our functional medicine community; you are playing a critical role in advancing functional medicine care for all.

Visit to view functional medicine practitioners in your local area. If you have any questions about this story, please contact IFM public relations manager Alyssa Parker.