How I Practice Functional Medicine with Yousef Elyaman, MD

Functional medicine clinician Yousef Elyaman, MD, uses an insurance-based hybrid in his Florida-based practice. “I see patients with insurance and try to use their insurance as much as possible, but I also don’t want to keep patients from getting the help they need—just because a treatment may not have been created in a billion dollar pharmaceutical lab does not mean that we should overlook its benefits and not take advantage of them.

Unfortunately, many patients are over-medicated and unaware of alternative treatments. In numerous cases, the solution to a health problem cannot, and will not, be found at the bottom of a prescription bottle.

In the following video, Dr. Elyaman describes his functional medicine practice:

Dr. Elyaman combines functional and integrative medicine through a systems-based approach. He believes in taking the time necessary to get to know his patients and involve them in their path to health. To this end, he works with an exercise physiologist and nutrition specialist on staff, as well as a behavioral health specialist, to develop comprehensive treatment plans.

“Being meticulous and proactive in learning a patient’s medical history—including the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors—is crucial to developing an effective strategy toward the ultimate goal of long-term health,” says Dr. Elyaman.

When a patient truly understands the reasons they are not feeling well, and they understand how to improve their condition(s), they feel empowered and tend to act with determination.

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