The “Biopsychosocial Slot Machine” of Addiction

Body, mind, soul and spirit concept made with chalk on blackboard.

After recovering from an opiate addiction, Stephen Loyd, MD, became a leader in substance abuse treatment, both clinically and with a public health, policy focus. His personal journey with addiction informs his work. At the 2019 Annual International Conference, he shared his personal journey as well as the role of community and social support in long-term, successful treatment for patients with addiction.

For a preview of Stephen Loyd’s talk, listen here. He describes what he calls the biopsychosocial slot machine of addiction, and the important role of social factors.

The social determinants of addiction help to identify both individuals at risk for addiction and inform successful long-term treatment. As Dr. Loyd says, “I’m driven every day by my own experience to know that people can and do recover when given the proper treatment and aftercare.”1


  1. Schmitt B. Opioid czar: former pill abuser now battles drug epidemic in Tennessee. USA Today Network. Published September 1, 2017. Accessed February 26, 2019.

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