A Focus on Strategic Partnerships Ushers in Exciting Leadership Changes for IFM

– Andie Crosby appointed director of Strategic Partnerships and Innovations –

– Katy Scheck promoted to director of the Partner Experience and Engagement Team –


September 19, 2018

FEDERAL WAY, WA—The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) announced the appointment of Andie Crosby as director of Strategic Partnerships and Innovations and the promotion of Katy Scheck to director of the Partner Experience and Engagement Team (PEET). In their new roles, Crosby and Scheck will spearhead initiatives designed to continue the organization’s overall mission—the widespread adoption of Functional Medicine.

“IFM is fortunate to have this caliber of talent in our organization to fill these two instrumental roles,” says Amy R. Mack, CEO of IFM. “I have the utmost confidence in Andie and Katy and look forward to working with them as we continue to build strong relationships with patients, physicians, and partners. Their leadership is critical to the important role IFM is playing in the transformation of healthcare through the further advancement of Functional Medicine.”

As director of Strategic Partnerships and Innovations, Crosby will design, direct, and manage initiatives, policies, and processes that drive innovation and partnership to accelerate the widespread adoption of Functional Medicine. In addition to managing the entire lifecycle of global partner relationships (existing and new), Crosby will identify new innovations, products, and partnerships that drive engagement and successful implementation of Functional Medicine.

Crosby has been with IFM for over eight years and previously served as director of PEET. Prior to IFM, Crosby worked in the advertising and publishing industries on initiatives that focused on marketing and business development.

“I’m excited to step into this new role. As IFM works to transform healthcare in bigger and more impactful ways, partnership and innovation will play a central role in achieving our objectives. As the global leader in Functional Medicine, we are uniquely positioned to work within the ecosystem to catalyze and deploy the initiatives that will make Functional Medicine more accessible for clinicians, and more importantly, for patients,” says Crosby.

Scheck will work to increase awareness and adoption of Functional Medicine in her role as director of PEET. She will oversee areas of marketing, public relations, content development, and partner and customer experience.

Scheck joined IFM in April 2018 as associate director of PEET. She has over 15 years of experience overseeing global marketing and public relations at Amazon and other companies in the tech, banking, and financial services and medical education industries.

“I’m honored to be promoted to the director of PEET, and I am excited to work with our partners around the globe,” states Scheck. “As a member of this innovative IFM team, I look forward to being a catalyst for the expanded awareness and adoption of Functional Medicine.”


About The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM): IFM is the global leader in Functional Medicine. The mission of IFM is to serve the highest expression of individual health through the widespread adoption of Functional Medicine. For more information about IFM, please visit

Functional Medicine is a personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease. The primary drivers of the chronic disease epidemic are the daily interactions among an individual’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle choices. Functional Medicine addresses these underlying causes of disease and equips healthcare practitioners to help their patients manage this complex, interconnected web. For more information about Functional Medicine, please visit

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