Grand Rounds: Free for the First Time

Grand Rounds Calabrese

How will scientific wellness drive the future of health? What are the dietary approaches to treating multiple sclerosis–related fatigue? How can 21st-century medicine reverse cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease? Learn this and so much more through the 2018 Grand Rounds lecture series, which are offered FREE to clinicians through IFM in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine.

Keeping with tradition, Grand Rounds help clinicians stay up-to-date in different evolving areas of clinical practice and research. They are an important teaching tool that should be part of every Functional Medicine practitioner’s continuing medical education as well as a tremendous resource for the improvement of patient care.

The free Grand Rounds streaming video series will contain lectures on a wide range of clinical topics as well as the latest research by renowned Functional Medicine clinicians, including Alessio Fasano, MD, Dale Bredesen, MD, Robert Hedaya, MD, DLFAPA, and more. A 30-minute Q&A will be conducted by IFM Board President of Clinical Affairs Mark Hyman, MD.

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