IFM Announces Collaboration with Functional Forum

For Immediate Release

May 26, 2015

Federal Way, WA—The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Functional Forum, bringing viewers of this monthly interactive web show three episodes, including content from the 2015 IFM Annual International Conference (AIC) and interviews with IFM faculty and expert speakers. These episodes will be broadcast in July and August, and the final episode will air in October or November 2015.

IFM will also be encouraging its practitioner community to participate in “Functional Meetups,” the Forum’s communities of doctors and allied health professionals who meet all over the world to watch the monthly show and discuss the content. The meetups provide an opportunity for practitioners to connect with like-minded people in their community and help raise awareness of Functional Medicine.

“We are thrilled to be working with such a prestigious and professional organization as IFM,” says Evolution of Medicine CEO James Maskell. “Their partnership with Cleveland Clinic shows this medicine is ready for prime time.”

The first “IFM Presents” segment, “Genomics and Functional Medicine,” will be broadcast on Monday, July 6, 2015, at 8:00 PM EST. IFM Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Jeffrey Bland, PhD, will be the keynote speaker.

IFM’s Chief Executive Officer Laurie Hofmann, MPH, adds, “We are excited to embark on this collaboration with the Functional Forum, which will serve the IFM practitioner community as well as those new to IFM and Functional Medicine. This opportunity provides a unique platform to help grow the movement.”

In addition to clinical content, the Forum features emerging digital technologies that can assist doctors in building successful practices. Several of those technologies will be featured in these episodes.

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