PLMI and IFM Present Free Functional Medicine Series

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May 22, 2015

Federal Way, WA—The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) is pleased to announce an exciting, six-part series in partnership with Dr. Jeffrey Bland and his Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute (PLMI) called, “Functional Medicine and Genomics: Is the Future Here?” IFM’s 2015 Annual International Conference, “The Omics Revolution: Nature and Nurture,” will serve as the launch site for the first presentation in the series, “Functional Medicine and Genomics: A Match Made in Heaven.” The remaining presentations will run monthly through December 2015. All presentations will be available for free on IFM’s website and will include links to outside resources for additional information.

In this series, Dr. Bland will take viewers on an extended journey into genomic applications in Functional Medicine, creating a vision of health care that includes a deep understanding of how to help patients achieve true wellness and resilience using real-time, personalized information. Covering such fascinating and clinically relevant topics as epigenetics, genomic testing, and genomic applications in cancer, we will learn how genes get messages from interactions with our environment and our behaviors, translating those messages into cellular instructions that guide our trajectory toward health or disease. No one can deliver this inspiring message better than Jeffrey Bland: genetic inheritance is not fate—we have the opportunity and the power to shape our own patterns of health and longevity, and we can do it now.

Jeffrey Bland, PhD

“I am so pleased to be a part of the development of this six-part series on the application of the ‘omics’ revolution to Functional Medicine. This series will be an excellent follow-on to the topics covered at the Annual International Conference and will provide news to use as it relates to the creating of a personalized approach to the prevention and treatment of chronic disease,” says Dr. Bland.

IFM Chief Executive Officer Laurie Hofmann, MPH, adds, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Dr. Jeffrey Bland, one of the principal thought leaders of the Functional Medicine Movement, to offer this in-depth exploration of genomics and Functional Medicine.”

Topics will also include Dr. Bland’s experience with the Pioneer 100 group, the quantified self movement, and how to shape one’s own pattern of health and longevity.

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